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Initial Configuration

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Connect all of your appliance network interfaces to the LAN, and connect your computer to the LAN.  Be sure to connect identical interfaces on each controller, i.e. if you use MGMT and DATA1, be sure that both MGMT and DATA1 on both controllers are connected. See the diagram below to locate the MGMT and DATA ports.




Perform the following steps to initially configure your appliance.

  • Connect your computer to the appliance serial console using the supplied serial cables. Ensure that both the serial ports are connected. The serial ports (shown in the above diagram) in either of the controllers can be identified by the wrench icon Wrench3_20X17.png.
  • Open your terminal emulation software using the following settings: 115.2Kbps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bits and flow control as none.  In a rare instance, flow control may have to be set to XON/XOFF to have this work.




  • Press ENTER a few times until the ‘StorSimple (? for help) >’ prompt appears.
  • At the prompt, type ‘setup’ to configure the MGMT interface. This will show the current configuration of the management interface.




  • Enable the interface by typing ‘yes’.  Now supply the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address.




  • Verify the configuration summary presented to you.




  • Make a note of the URL presented in this screen for the next steps in configuration.
  • To disable unsecure web access, you can use the 'http [on | off]' serial console command. This will ensure that the network traffic is directed over a secure channel. 


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