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Accessing the Web UI

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Access to the StorSimple Web UI requires a browser that supports Silverlight. The supported versions of the browser are Internet Explorer (v7 or later), Chrome (v12 or newer) and Firefox (3.5 or later).

Open your browser to this URL to access the web UI:

  • http://<IP_address_of_MGMT_interface>, note that the address may be https://<IP_address_of_MGMT_interface> depending upon whether the http: access is enabled/disabled.




  • Login using the default username as "admin" and the default password as "password"
  • After you have supplied these values, click the ‘Login’ button. 
  • Note if there is no activity for a certain period of time on the Web UI, the user is automatically logged out. 
  • It is a best practice to change the password of your admin account after your first login; please refer to the Appliance Web UI User Guide for the steps on how to do so.


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