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Part no. - 761-0001-0200-C

This quick start guide will walk you through the steps necessary to initially configure your appliance and reach technical support should you encounter any issues.  This guide is applicable for all the 5000 and 7000 series appliances.

It is recommended that you complete the following before using this guide:

  • Review and complete the Pre-Installation Checklist.  This will help you identify information that will be needed during the initial configuration of your appliance
  • For the various appliance models:
    • Review the Safety Guide to ensure that you handle the appliance hardware in the safest possible manner.  Your safety is our prime concern.
    • Review the Hardware Replacement Guide and follow the steps in the Rack Mount Guide to safely mount the appliance in the rack.
    • Review the Monitoring Indicators Guide and familiarize yourself with the LEDs and other components that notify you if there are any hardware issues.

You should have received the following items in the packaging:

If you did not receive any of the items listed above, please contact technical support .

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