Pre-Installation Checklist

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Items Needed for StorSimple Deployment

The following items should be collected prior to deploying StorSimple in your data center. Preparing this information ahead of time will help streamline the process of deploying StorSimple in your environment.


  Item Reason Values Ready?
REQUIRED SETTINGS Hostname A descriptive name for your appliance  
IP Addresses One for each management and storage interface used  
Subnet Masks One for each IP address  
Default Gateways One for each interface  
DNS Server IP Addresses Necessary to connect to Cloud Storage Services, 1 minimum  
NTP Server IP Addresses Necessary to synchronize time to Cloud Storage Services, 1 minimum  
Cloud Storage Credentials Access Key and Secret Key, or certificates, for your cloud storage provider  
Servers and Applications The servers that will consume StorSimple storage, and the applications that drive the storage need  
iSCSI Initiator Needed to connect to StorSimple volumes  
Volume Size and Types Understanding the size and types of volumes is helpful in speeding deployment  
OPTIONAL SETTINGS Web Proxy Server Settings such as IP address, TCP Port no., Authentication When a secure web proxy is deployed, this configuration helps appliance communicate with the cloud  
LDAP server IP address Required to set up Web User Accounts for AD/LDAP users  
SNMP Settings such as Community, Host, Location, Contact Needed to allow SNMP monitoring of the appliance's network interface  
SMTP Settings such as Hostname, Port no., Encryption, Authentication To help setup email notifications to inform the user of any hardware status change of the appliance   
WAN Usage Patterns Required to help user create time-of-day profiles that will enforce bandwidth controls for the cloud-related operations  


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Best Practices 

The following best practices should be employed to ensure a smooth deployment:

  • Are your network switches and routers configured to allow the appliance onto the network and to reach the appropriate cloud storage providers?
  • Are your switch ports Gigabit Ethernet? Can half-duplex connections be eliminated?
  • Are any security features in the network such as Network Access Control (NAC) configured with the appropriate exceptions to allow StorSimple onto the network?
  • Are your firewalls permitting NTP time synchronization out to the Internet, or, do you have an internal NTP server that can be used (Active Directory Domain Controllers work well for this)?
  • Are your DNS servers able to forward or recursively handle requests for cloud storage providers?
  • Do you have a secure web proxy deployed? If yes, then are the Web Proxy Server settings on your appliance configured for the appliance-cloud communication?
  • Are your servers and applications ready to consume StorSimple storage using the iSCSI initiator?
  • Do you have test applications and test data ready to begin testing?
  • Do you have the credentials necessary to manage storage on your servers?
  • Do you have the appropriate installation files for application plug-ins, such as the SharePoint EBS/RBS plug-in?


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