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Part no. -  761-0008-0200-A

Thank you for purchasing a 5000 or 7000 series StorSimple Appliance. This guide provides information on the StorSimple Data Protection Snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). It walks you through the steps necessary to initially install and configure the software. The guide also provides information on how to contact technical support.

The StorSimple Data Protection MMC Snap-In software installs on Windows Server 2008 (including R2) and allows the administrators to manage Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones, for the purpose of creating consistent point-in-time backup copies of volume data. This software is fully supported by applications such as Exchange and SharePoint, and minimizes administrative burden.

Supported Backup Operations

StorSimple Data Protection provides three types of backup operations as described below.

  • Snapshots – a point-in-time copy of your volume data that is stored on the appliance.  It can be used like a local backup copy and generally provides a fast backup and restore experience.  
  • Cloud Snapshots – is a snapshot that is stored in the cloud as a volume checkpoint.  Cloud Snapshots are analogous to having a snapshot replicated to a different, off-site storage system.  
  • Cloud Clones – is a snapshot that is stored in the cloud as a truly independent, off-site backup copy.  Cloud Clones are analogous to having your backup copies stored in an off-site tape vault.

StorSimple Data Protection can be used to create Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones of the StorSimple volumes formatted using the NTFS file system, application components of SharePoint databases, Microsoft exchange storage groups among others and of volume groups.

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