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Configuring Cloud Accounts

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Table of contents

Configuring cloud accounts requires that you have already created an account with your cloud storage service provider.  The cloud storage accounts will provide you with the access material necessary to continue configuration of your appliance. 


To configure a cloud account, hover over 'Configure' and click ‘Cloud Accounts’.




Click ‘Create Cloud Account’ to add a cloud account.




On this page, under the ‘General’ tab, you can specify the following:

  • Name- Provide a name for your cloud account.
  • Provider- Select the provider from the dropdown list. 
  • Access Key and Secret Key– Enter the credentials. Depending on the specific cloud provider selected, a different set of fields may be presented to the user.  
  • Enable Monitoring - It is recommended that you click the ‘Enable Monitoring’ checkbox for each cloud account to allow you to filter cloud-specific monitoring charts down to individual clouds.
    • Note that your appliance supports monitoring a maximum of 32 objects, where an object is either a cloud account or a volume.
  • Enable Rate Limiting- If you wish to limit the amount of WAN bandwidth that is consumed by your appliance when communicating with this cloud, click this checkbox.
  • Max Throughput- Supply a value between 1 and 1000 in this field (applicable in case Rate Limiting is enabled) 


Next click the ‘Security’ tab, and specify




  • Data-at-rest Encryption– By default, this field is enabled. 
  • Data-at-rest Encryption Key- If enabled, supply an encryption key. Supply the key data from a key generated using your key management system or a passphrase. Remember to keep this information in a safe place.


File:User:AlpaK/StorSimple_Appliance_QSG_Imported/image031.jpg Note: The encryption keys cannot be changed once the cloud account is created. 


To verify your cloud account, click the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Verify’ to make sure that your cloud account is accessible.  Successful verification will produce the word ‘Verified’ next to the access key and secret key field.  Otherwise, verification has failed, and either the credentials are incorrect or the appliance cannot reach the cloud provider.


Only if the verification succeeds, you can click the ‘Save’ button to save your cloud account.

Repeat the process to create additional cloud accounts as needed.

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