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Configuring Volume Access Groups

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Next, hover over ‘Configure’, click ‘Security’, and then click ‘Volume Access Groups’. 



On this page you will define the servers that will be accessing volumes provided by your appliance.  A volume access group includes parameters to define one or more servers, and a volume can have one or more volume access groups assigned to it.  A volume access group is composed of CHAP credentials (optional, not discussed in this document), IP addresses, and IQNs.  All parameters of the volume access group member definition must match what is supplied by the initiator attempting to connect to a volume in order for access to be permitted.


To create a volume access group, perform the following steps:

  • Click the ‘Add New Group’ button,
  • Type a name for the group in the ‘Name’ field,
  • Select the CHAP user (or select ‘Any User’ to not enforce CHAP authentication). 
  • If you wish to enforce authorization based on an IP address, supply one.
  • If you wish to enforce authorization based on an IQN, supply one.  If you do not supply an IP address or an IQN, these values will not be considered when authorizing an initiator attempting to connect to a volume that this volume access group is assigned to. 
  • When you have finished supplying parameters for your volume access group, click the green checkmark next to the group name to save it. 
  • Repeat this process for each of the servers in your environment that will be consuming storage volumes from this appliance. 


File:User:AlpaK/StorSimple_Appliance_QSG_Imported/image031.jpgNote: At least one of the fields, CHAP, IP and IQN should be specified for the box to behave correctly in the presence of multiple access groups.

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