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Configuring Volumes

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Table of contents

Next, hover over 'Configure' and click ‘Volumes’. 



Click ‘Create Volume’ to configure a volume to be used by one of your servers.




On the ‘General’ tab, specify the following:

  • Name- Type a name.
  • Type- Specify the application that will be using the volume from the dropdown list. 
  • Cloud Account- Choose the cloud account to be used for this volume from the drop-down list.
  • Access Type- Specify ‘Read-Write’ for the volume access type.
  • Capacity- Specify the capacity of the volume.  The maximum allowable value is 102,400 GB.
  • Online- Ensure ‘Online’ is checked. The volumes need to be taken offline should you wish to delete a volume group or an associated volume.
  • Enable Monitoring- Click the checkbox next to ‘Enable Monitoring’ if you wish to have reports that show data only from statistics collected against this individual volume as described above in the cloud accounts section.   


Next, click the ‘Security’ tab. Perform the following steps:




  • Click the ‘Add new record’ button
  • Specify the volume access group to allow access to the volume. 
  • Leave the ‘Preferred LUN’ at ‘No Preference’, unless you need to explicitly set the LUN value used by the volume (this value will be used unless there is a conflict with another volume). 
  • Click the green checkmark next to the volume access group that you selected,
  • Finally click the ‘Save’ button to complete the volume creation.

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