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Before you can begin using StorSimple Data Protection, you must complete the following tasks:


  • Create volumes on your StorSimple appliance, assign to appropriate application servers, and ensure that application servers can mount and use these volumes.
  • Install StorSimple Data Protection MMC Snap-in on each of your application servers running Windows Server 2008 (including R2)as documented below.


For information on how to configure your StorSimple appliance, please refer to the Appliance Quick Start Guide (QSG) and Web UI documentation. For detailed information on how to use the MMC Snap-in, please refer to the MMC Snap-in User Guide.


Download the installation kit (approximately 3.5MB for the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version) from StorSimple’s FTP server. This requires creation of a customer account with StorSimple support. When you have the binaries for StorSimple Data Protection downloaded, double-click the setup.exe file as shown below to begin installation.

Use SSDPSetup_X64.exe for 64-bit version or SSDPSetup_X86.exe for the 32-bit version.

Installing StorSimple Data Protection will prompt you to install the “Visual C++ Runtime Libraries”.




Click on ‘Install’ to begin the installation of Visual C++ Runtime libraries. If you do not install these libraries, StorSimple Data Protection will not be able to install or function properly. Once the “Visual C++ Runtime Libraries” are installed, or if they are already installed, the StorSimple Data Protection Setup Wizard will open as shown below.




Click ‘Next’ to begin, and on the next screen, read the license agreement, terms and conditions, and accept them by clicking the radio button next to ‘I Agree’. To proceed, click ‘Next’.




On the next screen, specify where you would like to have the software installed. Otherwise, leave the default settings intact. Click ‘Next’ to continue.



Click on ‘Next’ again to confirm the installation of StorSimple Data Protection on your computer. The installation will take a few minutes and a status bar will reflect the progress of the process. Installation of StorSimple Data Protection application is now complete. Close the window.


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