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Thank you for purchasing StorSimple's Armada Storage Appliance model 1010.  This guide provides information on the StorSimple Data Protection Snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).


StorSimple’s Data Protection MMC Snap-in uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide a framework for backing up and restoring data in Windows server application environments.  StorSimple Data Protection allows you to create fast, coordinated copies of application volumes on your Armada appliance, ensuring that protected data can be used for fast, online restores when necessary, using a model that is as easy as Snapshots. When you use StorSimple Data Protection, the underlying Microsoft VSS operations are transparent, fully supported by applications such as Exchange and SharePoint, and minimizes administrative burden.


This Quick Start Guide (QSG) will walk you through the steps necessary to initially install and configure the StorSimple Data Protection MMC and provide information on how to contact technical support. This page discusses the following sections:

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Before you can begin using StorSimple Data Protection to create and manage Snapshots and Cloud Clones, you must complete the following tasks:


  • Create volumes on your Armada appliance, assign them to the appropriate application servers, and ensure that your application servers can mount and use these volumes
  • Install StorSimple Data Protection MMC Snap-in on each of your application servers as documented below


For more information on how to configure your Armada appliance, please refer to the Armada Quick Start Guide (QSG) and management console documentation.

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Objects Supported by StorSimple Data Protection 

You can use StorSimple Data Protection to create Snapshots and Cloud Clones of the following objects:


  • Volume — StorSimple volumes formatted using the NTFS file system. The iSCSI volumes can be viewed in the MMC under the Volumes Tab
  • Application Component — Components of SharePoint (SQL) Server databases, Microsoft Exchange Storage Groups, or virtual machines can be backed up using the MMC
  • Volume Groups — Related groups of volumes or application components. Create collections of related objects that you backup frequently. This ensures that StorSimple Data Protection MMC Snap-in creates all the relevant backup copies simultaneously in one set

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Snapshots and Cloud Clones

StorSimple Data Protection provides two types of backup operations as described below.


  • Snapshots – creating a Snapshot creates a consistent point in time copy of a volume, volume group, or application component.  Snapshots are tiered in a manner similar to volumes, meaning they will be stored across the integrated storage and cloud storage according to the behavior of Weighted Storage Layout (WSL).  Generally, snapshots are retained for restoration when the data that is being restored is recent
  • Cloud Clones – Cloud Clones are identical to Snapshots, with the exception that they are stored entirely in the cloud storage service associated with the volume.  Cloud Clones serve as an off-site backup copy with fast, on-line restore capabilities.  Workflows for Cloud Clones are identical to those as provided by Snapshots

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