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Either mount your appliance in a rack, or, set it in a safe place where it won't move, fall, or otherwise encounter (or become) a general safety issue. To install the system in a rack, use the supplied screws. The Armada 1010 does not require a rail kit; its weight can be fully supported by the rack ears.

This page discusses the following tasks associated with your Armada appliance:

Power and Network ConnectionsEdit section

Connect the appliance power to a power outlet using the supplied power cable. Ensure that the power outlet is capable of handling a device with a 200-watt power supply (don't start a fire!). The figure below shows the connectors on the Armada 1010 that will be used, including the power connector.




Connect the appliance DATA interfaces as shown above to your network using Category 5-Enhanced twisted pair cabling (or higher). The interface labeled MGMT (refer to the above diagram) must be connected to your laptop's Ethernet interface using the supplied crossover Ethernet cable.

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Powering on Armada 1010Edit section

With the power connector attached to a power source, and the network interfaces connected to the network switch, power on the unit using the power button on the front of the chassis.


Armada 1010 Power Button and Status LEDs






The network activity indicator LEDs only show activity for the MGMT and DATA3 interfaces.


After pressing the power button, wait approximately five minutes for the system to boot.

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