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The ‘Security Settings’ drawer leads to following pages shown below.


  • Administrative Access -  the 'Administrative Access' page allows you to configure various administrative settings for your appliance such as how you access the appliance, settings related to proxy server, Active Directory or LDAP settings including those of adding, deleting and managing users that are able to access your system.


  • Client Certificates - the 'Client Certificates' page allows you to upload, list and delete the security certificates created and exported from DPC software (residing on Windows host). These security certificates allow secure RPC communication between your appliance and host inegration tools such as DPC software on windows host.


  • CHAP Target Settings – the ‘CHAP Target Settings’ page allows you to specify the credentials sent by your appliance when mutually authenticating with a CHAP-enabled initiator.

  • CHAP Initiator Settings – the ‘CHAP Initiator Settings’ page allows you to define the CHAP credentials that may be used by initiators when attempting to login to your appliance via iSCSI.

  • Access Control Records – the ‘Access Control Records’ page allows you to configure entities that reference initiators by their iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) or CHAP, which can be applied to volumes during volume creation to limit which initiators are able to access that volume.


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