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Hovering over the ‘Manage’ item in the menu bar exposes a menu containing items as shown in the figure below. 




Each of these items is explained in detail in the following sections:


  • Alerts  - the 'Alerts' page allows you to view and manage informational, warning or critical alerts encountered by your appliance.  The alerts are generated whenever there is a hardware change, the system is nearing its total capacity, the cloud is unreachable for a certain length of time, if the system is being upgraded or if the system configuration has changed and needs to be backed up.


  • Hardware - the 'Hardware' page allows you to shut down and restart the appliance. Additionally, the user can view the status of hardware components of the system.


  • Connected Initiators – the ‘Connected Initiators’ page shows you each of the initiators that have connected to your appliance to access configured volumes, and allows you to filter to identify specific initiators.


  • Data Protectionthe ‘Data Protection’ page allows you to view the status of and manage jobs and backups.


  • Audit Logs – the ‘Audit Logs’ page allows you to view auditable actions performed by all the users.


  • Configuration – the ‘Configuration’ menu enables you to make a copy of your appliance configuration. This copy can be used to restore the configuration onto a replacement system should a system replacement be necessary.  Additionally, it allows you to import configuration elements from a known good configuration onto your appliance that is especially useful in a warm Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario.


  • Software Upgrade - the 'Software Upgrade' page allows you to upgrade the software version installed on your appliance by uploading software image files.



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