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Configuration Backup

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The ‘Configuration Backup’ option allows you to make a copy of your appliance configuration.


This copy can then be used to restore the configuration onto another system in case a system replacement is required.


Clicking the Download button will cause your appliance to package the entire system configuration into an encrypted backup file. Note that the  'Encrypt Backup File' is the default and also the recommended setting. This configuration backup can be used should you ever need to replace the entire system. This operation is also used in DR scenarios where a second appliance is deployed in a secondary data center, and wants to access previously made Cloud Clones to make available to standby servers. Configuration restore operations can only be performed on systems that do not currently have a configuration; the configuration restore operation is performed as part of the initial setup wizard.


If the encrypt option is not checked, then the configuration file is saved as a signed XML document. Do not tamper with the contents of the XML document. Part of the document is a message signature that is generated from the contents of the configuration. Any changes to the XML document will render the configuration backup file invalid. This file cannot be then used to restore configuration.

File:User:AlpaK/StorSimple_Web_UI_User_Guide/image009.jpg Note: It is recommended that you take a configuration backup each time you make a configuration change.



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