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This page can be accessed by navigating to Help Technical Assistance as shown below.



Selecting 'Technical Assistance' in the Help menu presents the following page to the user. This page can used to contact your StorSimple Technical Support team. Additionally, the user can download packages that would allow your StorSimple support to troubleshoot the issue in question.



1. Support Package - To create a package for technical support, click on 'Create Packages'. This will package the appropriate log files together into a tar archive. The packages created are encrypted with a 256-bit pre-defined static private key to ensure that only StorSimple support is able to view the contents of the files. 

If the user is interested in downloading a package, locate the desired package in the dropdown options. Then click on 'Download package' to save the files to a user-defined location. The default filename for the downloaded file will be appended with a “.sse” file extension to clearly indicate the file has been encrypted and cannot be opened as-is.

2. Contact Information - Should you encounter any system and software issues, please use this information to contact technical support via phone, email or web.

3. Download Software and documentation - If you want to download software and related documentation, contact technical support to create a FTP account. This section has three links:

  • Online Help Link - this points you to the site where all the StorSimple documentation resides.
  • Release Notes Link - this link points to the location of the release notes, including those of current and earlier releases.
  • FTP site Link - this link points you to the site from where you can download latest software. 

4. System Information - This section lists the system information pertaining to your StorSimple system such as:  

  • Hardware - lists the model no. for your StorSimple ​system.
  • Software version - lists the version of the software installed on your StorSimple ​system.
  • Serial number - lists the serial number of your StorSimple ​system.
  • Last Failover Event - indicates the last time the appliance failover occurred.


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