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There are multiple options present in the DPC UI to access help. The user can perform any of the following actions to launch help. The online help site can also be accessed directly at this link -

The various help options present in DPC UI are discussed below -

  1. F1 Help - Press F1. This should take the user to help page on the online help site.
  2. Help from Action pane - Click 'Help' in Actions menu. Corresponding to a main node selected in the 'Scope Pane', this help icon will take the user to the corresponding help page in a separate browser window. The help page resides on the Online Help Site. This page can also be accessed by directly going to




  1. Help from Context Menu - Right-click a node to invoke the context menu and select 'Help'. This will take the user to the online help page corresponding to the node selected in the scope pane




  1. Help from Menu bar - Access Help menu from the menu bar. There are two help options that can be selected.

a. Help on StorSimple Data Protection - Select 'Help on StorSimple Data Protection'. This particular option is currently not working and help is not launched.






b. Help Topics - Access Help menu from the menu bar and select  'Help Topics'. This will launch the MMC help in a separate window.




  1. Help from Toolbar - Locate the toolbar and click on the 'Help' icon. This will take you to the online help page of the corresponding node selected in the scope pane. 





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