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Data Protection

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The ‘Data Protection’ page located under the ‘Manage’ menu allows you to view the status of and manage jobs and backups. 




This page presents two options:

  • Jobs – the ‘Jobs’ page under the ‘Manage’ menu allows you to view the status of jobs that have been scheduled, are currently running and the ones that have already been completed. These jobs are generated when the policies that are created via the ‘Configure’ menu take effect. Jobs also initiate when an ‘interactive’ backup is started from the ‘Volume Groups’ page under the ‘Configure’ menu.


  • Backups – the ‘Backups’ page in the ‘Manage’ menu allows the user to view the backups based on user-specified filtering parameters, restore the data using backups, and delete the backups that are not required. The user can also create a clone of an individual volume from an entire backup run. 

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