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The ‘Audit Logs’ page allows the user to view all auditable actions performed by users on the system.



Audit Logs can be filtered by one or more of ‘Timestamp’, ‘User’, ‘Host’ or ‘Details’ fields located at the top of the screen.




Click on one of the input boxes below the ‘Timestamp’. This will pop up a calendar view.  Select the specific dates for which the log needs to be filtered as shown below.




The 'Information' field dropdown displays the various types of actions performed by the users and the user can choose all actions or  a specific action.




The ‘User’ dropdown lists all users that have a web account on this system and you can choose all users or a specific user.




You can also enter search strings in the ‘Host’ and ‘Details’ fields to filter the log further. A sample of a log filtered based on specific dates, level, user and host IP is shown below.




You can refresh the log view after filtering by clicking on the Refresh  icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the Audit Logs screen. Right next to it is the export  icon to export the log into a csv (Comma Separated Values) file. The csv file has additional information about the system that can be used for debugging. Clicking on this icon will prompt you to either Open or Save this file.




Selecting Open will then open the file in Microsoft Excel. Alternatively, you can Save this file to a desired location and open it later with Microsoft Excel for advanced parsing.

At the bottom of the Audit Logs screen are options for navigating between various pages and a dropdown for selecting the number of entries shown on a page. The far right corner displays the total number of entries and pages in the log.




File:User:AlpaK/StorSimple_Web_UI_User_Guide/image009.jpgNote: Please note that the Web UI reports the times in Audit Logs in UTC even though the appliance may be configured for a different time-zone.


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