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The ‘Configuration Import’ page under Manage Configuration can be used to set up the warm-standby disaster recovery (DR) scenario.  You can use an appropriate backup configuration file from the primary appliance to import desired configuration elements into the secondary appliance. Selective import option can also be used for SharePoint geo-replication.


Click the ‘Browse’ button to locate and select the backup file from which you want to import the configuration.



Now click ‘Load Configuration’.  This should expand the view to show the configuration elements of the currently loaded backup file.



You can now select the configuration elements that you wish to import by selecting the checkbox next to each available element and click on ‘Import Configuration’.  The elements not available for import will be grayed out. This should import the selected elements into your device’s configuration. Note that the user is not allowed to import configuration elements that are already configured on the system using Setup Wizard.

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