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Accessing 'Technical Assistance' in the Reports menu presents the following page to the user. This page provides the following information:



1. Contact Information - Should you encounter any system and software issues, please use this information to contact technical support via phone, email or web.

2. Download Software and documentation - If you want to download software and related documentation, contact technical support to create a FTP account. This section has three links:

  • Online Help Link - this points you to the site where all the StorSimple documentation resides.
  • Release Notes Link - this link points to the location of the release notes, including those of current and earlier releases.
  • FTP site Link - this link points you to the site from where you can download latest software. 

3. System Information - This section lists the system information pertaining to your appliance such as:  

  • Hardware - lists the model no. for your appliance.
  • Software version - lists the version of the software installed on your appliance.
  • Serial number - lists the serial number of your appliance.
  • Active Controller Uptime - indicates how long the Active Controller has been up. 
  • Last Controller Failover Time - indicates the time when the current controller became active.
  • Last Hardware Reset - indicates the last time the entire appliance was rebooted.
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