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SSDPC Overview

Part no. - 760-0006-0200-C

This document serves as product documentation for the StorSimple Data Protection Console (SSDPC) Snap-In and outlines how to use it. StorSimple Data Protection allows you to manage StorSimple backups in the form of point-in-time snapshots, Cloud Snapshots, and Cloud Clones. Please refer to the StorSimple System Quick Start Guide should you require instructions on how to install and configure the StorSimple Data Protection Console Snap-in.

You can also refer to the following link that outlines the basics of using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC):

The SSDPC software is discussed in detail in the following sections:

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StorSimple provides a powerful solution consisting of a data center storage appliance and software that enables I/T organizations to leverage cloud storage as though it were data center storage and simplify data protection and data management while reducing costs.  The StorSimple Data Protection Console is a software that installs on Windows Server 2008 (including R2) and allows administrators to manage Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots, and Cloud Clones, for the purpose of creating consistent point-in-time backup copies of volume data. 

It is important to understand the differences between Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots, and Cloud Clones before using the StorSimple Data Protection Console.  These are described below:

  • Snapshots– like volumes, snapshots are automatically tiered by the appliance across the integrated storage (including SSD and SAS) and cloud storage based on usage patterns.  Snapshots are taken using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to ensure a crash-consistent and application-consistent backup copy.
  • Cloud Snapshots– like snapshots, but Cloud Snapshots are immediately written to the cloud account associated with the volumes contained within the volume group.  Cloud Snapshots are written to the same repository as the volumes themselves in the cloud, and are useful when taking a backup copy of a volume or volumes that are used as secondary storage where an independent copy is not required.
  • Cloud Clones– like Cloud Snapshots, but Cloud Clones are written to a separate bucket from the bucket used to store the primary volume data.  Cloud Clones ensure a truly-independent copy of data is created, and are useful when taking a backup copy of a volume or volumes that are used as primary storage where an off-site backup equivalent is required.


Accessing SSDPC

After the installation steps specified in the StorSimple Data Protection Quick Start Guide (QSG) have been completed, the StorSimple Data Protection Console can be found in the ‘Start’ menu of your server under ‘All Programs’, ‘StorSimple Data Protection’.  Click the ‘StorSimple Data Protection Console’ entry in the ‘Start’ menu to access the console.




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