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Introducing SSDPC

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DPC Snap-In

The StorSimple Data Protection Snap-In provides an intuitive interface allowing you to manage backup copies of volume groups, including Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots, and Cloud Clones.  After clicking the ‘Data Protection Console’ icon found in the start menu, the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is opened with the StorSimple Data Protection snap-in loaded as shown below.




There are five major elements of this GUI, namely:

  1. Menu bar - at the very top of the window is the menu bar that has several options such as 'File','Action', 'View', 'Favorites', 'Window' and 'Help'. Each of these option leads to a dropdown for user-selection.
  2. Tool bar - just below the 'Menu bar', is the 'Tool bar' that has several icons. Each of these icons is a shortcut to performing a specific task.
  3. Scope pane - is the left most pane that serves as the primary navigation mechanism. It has multiple master nodes each of which can be selected to perform a specific task
  4. Results pane - the center pane that displays a detailed status of the node selected in the 'Scope pane'.  
  5. Actions pane - the right most pane that presents the user with a menu of actions depending on the status of the node selected in the 'Scope pane'.

Each of these elements is described in a separate page.


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