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The Actions Pane

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This pane provides you with a menu of operations that may be performed for the selected scope node, for its selected view and for the selected data in the view. It contains the same commands as the context menus that can be invoked by right clicking on nodes that are available in the Scope and the Result Pane.




For example - in the screenshot above, the Actions Pane displays the allowed actions for the Cloud Clone selected in the Scope Pane.


There are additional options in Actions Pane (and context menu as well) – such as ‘View’, ‘New Window from here’, ‘Refresh’, ‘Export List’ and 'Help' that are available as a part of the MMC console. These are not specific to StorSimple Data Protection but are applicable to MMC console in general. A brief explanation of each of these options is given in separate sections.

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