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Create Volume Group

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You can create a new volume group by clicking on 'Create Volume Group' in the action pane or you can also display this option by right clicking on the Volume Groups node.




A Volume Group pop-up window is displayed with:


  • Name - You will need to assign a unique name to the new Volume Group.


  • Applications - lists all the supported VSS writers currently installed and running on the host. Currently, StorSimple Data Protection MMC Snap-in supports the SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange VSS writers. Choose the writer associated with the application that is using the volumes you are intending to select.


Note.png Note: A specific writer will be enabled if and only if all the volumes that the writer is aware of are StorSimple appliance volumes. If you select this writer all volumes associated with it will automatically be selected. The opposite holds true as well; that is, when you select volumes associated with a specific writer, the writer is auto selected in the applications column.

The user may not see any entry under applications. To see an entry, you must have one installed (i.e. Exchange or SQL Server). Once an application has been installed, you should then see it in the dialog.

The user would be allowed to select an application only if the application is actually utilizing one of the StorSimple volumes for its own purposes.


  • Volumes - You can choose any of the StorSimple Volumes to be part of a volume group.


Click on Accept button to save the newly created volume group or Cancel the operation. Once saved, the Volume Group will be displayed in the list of existing Volume Groups.

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