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With the 'Appliance' node selected in the scope pane, right-clicking on an appliance in results pane, will present the user with context menu. Selecting the ‘Details’ option presents the following dialog to the user.




Under the ‘General’ tab, the StorSimple appliance name, model number, software version residing on your appliance and the appliance serial number are displayed. In the ‘Rescan Schedule’ tab, you can view the rescan schedule specified for the appliance.




In particular, you can specify the frequency, start time and recurrence in the ‘Settings’. Under ‘Advanced Settings’, you can also specify repetition, repetition frequency, expiration and whether the schedule is enabled or not. You can also view the details of last sync up of the appliance with the MMC UI.




Depending upon whether it was a 'Refresh' or a 'Rescan', the details of the sync are different. Note that in the 'Rescan' process, a 'Complete Registry Sync' entry will be there corresponding to the complete backup registry restore that occurs.


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