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Using the Web UI

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Each page of the Web UI has a layout with the following components, as shown below -




  • Username identifier– lists the name of the user that you are currently logged into the Web UI as. To change users, click the ‘Log Out’ link, and login using a different user account.
  • Logout link– clicking this hyperlink will log you out of the Web UI, and return you to the login page, where you will need to supply valid user credentials to log back in to the Web UI.
  • Invite a Friend link – clicking this hyperlink will take you to a form on StorSimple website, allowing you to send an invitation to a friend or coworker to use StorSimple.
  • Appliance Name– displays the name of your StorSimple Appliance as configured via the ‘Name Settings’ option in the Setup Wizard.
  • Appliance IP Address– shows the IP address of your StorSimple Appliance as configured via the Setup Wizard.
  • Menu bar– the menu bar contains drop-down menus for accessing various parts of the UI.  Hovering over any of the menu bar items (for instance, ‘Configure’) will expand that item using a drawer, to show its contents.  Each of the contents contained in the drop-down are either drawers (containing more contents), or UI pages that can be visited to perform a task.

Additionally, alarm indicators such as  may be present in the upper-right hand corner of the Web UI.  A warning bar also appears beneath the menu bar when the system is over-provisioned.  An example is shown below.




This icon is indicative of an error or issue with the system that requires attention.  Clicking this icon will take you to the appropriate page in the Web UI to understand the error condition.  These icons are shown when:

  • System is over-provisioned– an icon is shown when you have provisioned more capacity on the system than has been licensed.
  • A hardware component has failed or has become degraded– an icon is shown for the appliance models 5010 and 7010 when a hardware component is not healthy.
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