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The ‘Email Settings’ page as shown below allows you to configure the appliance to send out email alerts. The email alerts are generated whenever there is a change in the status of the appliance.




On checking ‘Enable Email Alerts’ in this page, the GUI expands to a view that allows the user to configure the various email-related settings.  The user can specify:




  • SMTP Hostname - You can specify the appropriate ‘SMTP Hostname’
  • SMTP Port Number –Set the ‘SMTP Port Number’ for your mail server.
  • Encryption -If required, you can set ‘Encryption’ to ‘SSL’ (Secure Socket Layer) or ‘TLS’ (Transport Layer Security) or leave it as ‘None’. 
  • Email To - The ‘Email to’ field allows the user to specify a single or multiple email addresses separated by commas.
  • Email From - The sender’s email address is required to be filled in the ‘Email From’ field.
  • Email BCC -The ‘Email Bcc’ field is checked by default to allow a copy of any email alert to be sent to the StorSimple support team. Based on the content of the email alert, the support team then determines whether or not a support ticket needs to be created and contacts the user proactively.
  • Authentication Type -If your SMTP server requires authentication, select ‘Basic’ for ‘Authentication Type’, else leave it as ‘None’.  This expands the view further as shown below; provide the required user name and password.




When configuration is complete, you can validate the settings by clicking the Send Test Email button. If the test succeeds, you can click the Apply button to save the changes.

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