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Security Settings

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The ‘Security Settings’ drawer contains four items as shown below.




  • CHAP Target Settings – the ‘CHAP Target Settings’ page allows you to specify the credentials sent by your appliance when mutually authenticating with a CHAP-enabled initiator.
  • CHAP Initiator Settings – the ‘CHAP Initiator Settings’ page allows you to define the CHAP credentials that may be used by initiators when attempting to login to your appliance via iSCSI.
  • Volume Access Groups – the ‘Volume Access Groups’ page allows you to configure entities that reference initiators by their IP address, iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN), or CHAP, which can be applied to volumes during volume creation to limit which initiators are able to access that volume.
  • Web User Accounts – the ‘Web User Accounts’ page allows you to change the password for the ‘admin’ account (which has full system privileges), or the ‘monitor’ account (which has read-only privileges and visibility only to monitoring charts and help pages).

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