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The ‘Web User Accounts’ page allows you to manage the users that can access the system. You can add, delete and edit user accounts and manage account permissions.




Based on their roles, users can belong to one of two groups:


  • Admin– the admin account has full access to the system


  • Monitor– the monitor account provides access to the ‘Report’ and ‘Help’ drawers. Access to other drawers is limited, specifically:


  •  ‘Configure’ drawer is not accessible
  •  ‘Manage’ drawer access is restricted to the ‘Alerts', 'Connected Initiators’ and the ‘Diagnostics’ page


This section also explains some of the common tasks associated with Web User Accounts such as  -

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Adding a web user account

Perform the following steps to add a web user account:
  • To add a new user to the system, click on ‘Add a new record’
  • Enter the name and password of the user you wish to add in the dialog box that pops up and select the appropriate role.




  •  The web user accounts page will be updated to reflect the new user account.



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Deleting a web user account

If you wish to delete a user, click on ‘delete’ iconfor that user. Clicking this icon will bring up the dialog box shown below.




Press OK to delete this user or Cancel to exit out of this dialog. You will now be directed back to the Web User Accounts screen.



Admin” and “Monitor” are default user accounts that cannot be deleted.


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Resetting the password for a web user account

Perform the following steps to reset the password for an account:
  • Click the ‘Edit’ icon to the left of the username.  Clicking this icon will present the password reset dialog box shown below.




  • Type in the new password for the user in the text box next to ‘Password’ and then re-type the password in the text box next to ‘Confirm Password’; then click Update


  • If you do not wish to change the password, click Cancel


  • Clicking Update will first verify that the password typed in the two boxes match.  If the two match, the password will be updated.  Otherwise, an error message stating “Passwords do not match” will be presented and you need to re-type the passwords.


  • You may sometimes need to refresh the view using  located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to update the list of web user accounts.

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