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Under the ‘Backup’ option, the user can view the backups created for a given volume group. The user can also specify cloning operations for an individual volume using a backup of the entire volume group.




The ‘Backups’ page provides dropdown lists to filter the backups residing on the appliance. Filtering can be done based on the following:


  • Volume Groups – Choose from the list of volume groups that have backups.


  • Backup Type – Select from Snapshot, Cloud Snapshot, Cloud Clone or All.


  • Backup Run – Specify the start date and time for the backup.


Selecting a backup for a specific volume group will display the details of that backup.

This section details the following tasks associated with a 'Backup' page -

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Restoring Backups


After filtering a volume group of your choice, the user can use the backup for a restore operation. Click the ‘Restore Backup’ button to proceed.




Prior to restoring, ensure that all the volumes associated with that backup (as displayed in the list view) are taken offline both on the appliance side as well as on the host side. In order to take a volume offline on the appliance side, access the ‘Volumes’ page under configure. Select the edit icon of the specific volume and uncheck the ‘Online’field available under ‘General’ tab. In order to take a volume offline on the host side, please refer to the individual operating system instructions. If the volumes are online on the appliance when attempting to perform a restore, you will see the following message. 




Repeat the restore operation after taking the volumes offline.  The user will be prompted to confirm the restore operation.

Clicking OK will commence the restore operation. The user will then be redirected to the ‘Backups’ page and notified appropriately. 




Click on the Jobs link provided at this page to navigate to the Jobs page and view the status of the restore operation.




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Deleting backups


You can also choose to delete the backup runs. After filtering the specific backup run, click on the ‘Delete Backup’ button. A delete confirmation box will be displayed to the user.  Select OK to proceed or Cancel to cancel the operation. Should you continue with the deletion, you will be redirected to the ‘Backup’ page and notified of the deletion.



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Cloning a volume


You may want to clone an individual volume using a backup run of an entire volume group. Start the cloning process by filtering the specific backup on the ‘Backups’ page.




Locate the specific volume in the volume group that you wish to clone and click the corresponding clone  icon.  This will present the following dialog to the user.




Assign a name to the cloned volume and choose Accept. You will then be returned to the ‘Backups’ screen with the following notification.



You can click on the Jobs link to navigate to the ‘Running Jobs’ list and view the status of the cloning operation.




Once the cloning operation is completed, the clone volume created is added to the existing list of volumes as shown below. This clone is now a regular volume and any operation that is possible on a volume will be available for the clone.



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