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Software Upgrade for 1010

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This StorSimple is a single controller system. Perform the following steps to upgrade the software on this system.


  • Navigate to Manage →Software upgrade. In the screen presented, click Browse and locate the file you will use for performing the upgrade.




  • Upload the software. You can pause and resume if needed during the upload process.




  • The upload process takes time. Once the software is uploaded, Upgrade button will become available. Click on Upgrade button. The following screen will be presented to the user.




  • Since 1010 is a single controller appliance, all the I/Os will be disrupted, and the appliance will stop while the upgrade is happening. The upgrade may take up to 15 minutes. Once the upgrade is complete, you will be taken to the Login screen.
  • Navigate to Home→Help→Technical Assistance and verify that the software has upgraded to the requisite version.




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