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Volume Access Groups

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The ‘Volume Access Groups’ page allows you to configure volume access groups, which are containers of initiator parameters that, when mapped to a volume, specify which initiators are able to access that volume.  When an initiator attempts to connect to a volume, your appliance checks the volume access groups assigned to that volume to see if the initiator’s parameters match one of the entries contained within a volume access group mapped to that volume.  The volume access group configuration page is shown below. 




Each volume access group can contain an IP address, CHAP credentials, or an IQN.  To create a volume access group, click the ‘Add new group’ button found at the bottom of the table as shown above.  The tabular view will change to edit mode, and appear as follows.




Supply a name for the group.  Group names should be unique.  When you have finished configuring the group name, select a CHAP user from the drop-down list.  If you do not wish to use CHAP, select the ‘Any User’ user from the drop-down.  Supply an IP address, and an initiator name.  If you do not wish you perform matching using IP addresses or IQN, simply leave the fields blank.  Once you have a volume access group defined and configured, click the green checkmark  to save the Volume Access Group, or click the red X  to discard it.


Note that all configured values for a volume access group member must be satisfied before the initiator will be allowed to access the volume.  For instance, if you supply a value for IP address, specify ‘Any User’ for CHAP, and leave IQN blank, any initiator that attempts to access the volume from the configured IP address will have access to that volume.  However, if you specify a CHAP user, IP address, and IQN, all of those parameters must match before the initiator will be allowed to access the volume.


Deleting a configured volume access group can be accomplished by clicking the red X icon  found near the left end of the row.  Clicking the ‘edit’ icon, which looks like a pencil , allows you to change the configuration of the volume access group.  

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