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Web User Accounts

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The ‘Web User Accounts’ page allows you to configure the password for the two user accounts that are available on your appliance:


  • admin – the admin account has full control of the system
  • monitor – the monitor account is useful for allowing users to view the system, but the monitor account’s privileges are limited in the following ways:
    • No permissions to items in the ‘Configure’ drawer
    • Limited permissions to the items in the ‘Manage’ drawer, specifically, the monitor user can access the ‘Diagnostics’ page
    • Full permissions to the ‘Report’ drawer
    • Full permissions to the ‘Help’ drawer


The ‘Web User Accounts’ page appears as follows.




To reset the password for either the admin or monitor account, click the ‘Edit’ icon to the left of the username, which appears as a pencil .  Clicking this icon will present the password reset dialog box, shown below.




Type in the new password for the user in the text box next to ‘Password’, and then re-type the password in the text box next to ‘Confirm Password’, and click ‘Update’.  If you do not wish to change the password, click ‘Cancel’.  Clicking ‘Update’ will verify that the password typed in the two boxes match.  If the two match, the password will be updated.  Otherwise, an error message stating “Input does not match” will be presented, notifying you that the two passwords are different and need to be retyped.

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