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The following Capacity reports are discussed on this page:

Provisioned Capacity

The provisioned capacity report shows the amount of capacity provisioned on your appliance compared to the amount of capacity remaining per the total amount of licensed capacity for this appliance.  Each time a volume is configured, the provisioned capacity increases by an amount commensurate with the size of the newly-provisioned volume.  By default, the provisioned capacity for the appliance should sum to the following values:


  • Appliance model 1010: 10TB
  • Appliance model 5010: 20TB
  • Appliance model 7010: 40TB
  • Appliance model 7010S: 60TB


Cloud Capacity Consumption

The cloud capacity consumption report shows the amount of capacity consumed on all or specific cloud storage services.  This report shows the amount of actual data stored on the cloud, and how much capacity is consumed on the cloud after deduplication.  The values plotted in this chart are not updated as frequently as other charts.   



Appliance Capacity Consumption

The appliance capacity consumption report shows the amount of capacity consumed in the integrated storage tiers within your appliance, namely:


  • Linear – the data stored in raw format on SSDs, which is used as the fastest tier of storage within the system
  • Dedupe – the data stored in fingerprinted (deduplicated) form on SSDs and HDDs, which is capacity optimized by less performant than linear



Deduplication Effectiveness

The deduplication effectiveness report shows the percentage of deduplication that has been realized system-wide.  This report can be filtered to specific cloud accounts to see how effective deduplication has been for volumes assigned to those particular cloud storage accounts.  Since the appliance performs deduplication across volumes within a cloud account, it is not possible to filter this view onto specific volumes.





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