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A left click on Volume node displays all the mounted volumes, including the StorSimple volumes, local volumes, and any other third party volumes discovered through the iSCSI initiator.




The StorSimple Volumes are defined by:


  • Name – is the drive letter assigned to each of the discovered volumes
  • Target – will be defined for all StorSimple volumes and refers to the StorSimple appliance IP address
  • Target Alias – is specific to StorSimple volumes and is the volume name defined in the StorSimple web UI for that particular volume
  • Access Path(s) – is the drive letter or mount point by which the volume is accessible on the host




All StorSimple volumes are auto discovered once you are connected through ISCSI to the StorSimple appliance.  If the volumes do not appear, click the ‘Refresh’ link in the actions pane.




You can right click on Volumes and choose to refresh the volume list or rescan for new volumes. The same can be achieved through re-launching the MMC Snap-in.  A right click on a selected Volume will allow you to refresh the List.

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