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Part no. - 775-0002-0200-E

Thank you for delpoying a StorSimple solution!  All the appliance models that are a part of this solution except the 7520  consist of only a head unit. For the 7520 option, the system is comprised of two units - the head unit and the EBOD enclosure. For details on the various hardware components of the head unit, the EBOD enclosure or the entire system, please refer to the Hardware Replacement Guide.

This document outlines the monitoring indicators that can be found on the various hardware components of your head unit and the EBOD enclosure. The monitoring indicators can be LEDs or audible alarms.

Typically there are three LED states to display the status of a module - green, flashing green/red or red. As a general rule of thumb, green LEDs are always used for good or positive indication, flashing green/red if non-critical conditions exist. red LEDs indicate that there is a critical fault present within the module.

This document discusses the various monitoring indicator LEDs, their locations, the status based on the LED states and associated audible alarms if any, in the following sections:


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