Front Panel Indicator LEDs

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The Front Panel, also referred to as the 'Operations Panel' or the 'Ops Panel' displays the aggregate status of all the modules in the system. The front panel is identical for the appliance and the EBOD enclosure and is as shown below.




The major difference for the Front Panel LEDs for the appliance and the EBOD enclosure is the System Unit Identification Number shown on the LED display. The default Unit ID displayed on the appliance is '00' whereas the default Unit ID displayed on the EBOD enclosure is '01'. This allows for a quick way of identifying the appliance from the EBOD enclosure.


Front Panel LED Status

The status indicated by the LEDs on the front panel for the appliance or the EBOD enclosure is as shown in the table below. Note that the I/O module in the table refers to the controller or the EBOD depending upon whether it is an appliance unit or an EBOD enclosure.




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