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The I/O module is different depending on whether you refer to the head unit or the EBOD enclosure. For the appliance, the I/O module is the 'Controller whereas for the EBOD enclosure, the I/O module is the 'EBOD canister'. This page explains the various LEDs that are present for the I/O modules in the system in the following sections:


Monitoring LEDs for the Controller

Each appliance controller has indicator LEDs shown in the figure below. 




The following table can be used as a guide to determine if the controller module is working properly or not.




If the fault LED is lit, it indicates that there is a problem with the controller module. The suggested course of action is to try to reboot the controller. For details on how to reboot your appliance controller, refer to the Web UI guide. Please contact StorSimple support if rebooting the controller does not resolve this issue.


Monitoring LEDs for the EBOD

Each of the 6G/b SAS EBOD canisters have LEDs that indicate its status as shown below.




The following table can be used to determine if the EBOD I/O module is operating normally or not. 





Identifying Active Controller on the Appliance

There are many situations that require a user to locate the active controller. To determine which of the two controllers is the active controller in the appliance unit, perform the following steps.

  • Look at the appliance backplane.
  • Locate the blue LED above the DATA2 port. Use the diagram below as an aid.




  • A blinking blue LED indicates that it is the 'active' controller. The blue LED is not lit on the standby controller.


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