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This section explains how a chassis is removed and replaced in case of a chassis failure for a StorSimple system. All the StorSimple appliance models except the 7520 will have a single chassis. For a 7520, there are potentially two chassis that can fail in the system - for the head unit or the EBOD.

In either case, the replacement chassis shipped by StorSimple will arrive only with Power Cooling Modules. No controller modules, solid state disk drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs) or EBOD (External Bunch of Disks) modules will be included.

The chassis replacement process is identical for both the head unit and the EBOD. The detailed process of chassis replacement is discussed in the following sections:


Removing the chassis

  • To swap the chassis, first ensure that the system you are replacing is powered down and disconnected from all power sources. 
  • Remove the unit from the rack. 
  • Remove each of the drives using the procedures listed for Disk Drives, remembering the slots in which they were installed. 
  • From the EBOD enclosure (if this is the chassis that failed), remove the EBOD I/O modules using the procedure listed for EBOD I/O Module Replacement. If this is the head unit, remove the controllers using the procedure listed for Controller Modules, remembering the slots in which they were installed.

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Installing the chassis

  • Mount the chassis in the rack. Refer to the Rack mount installation guide for the details of mounting the chassis in the rack.
  • Once the chassis is mounted in the rack, install the I/O modules (controller modules or the EBODS) in the same position as they were installed in previously. 
  • Then, install the drives in the same position and slot as they were installed in previously.
  • With the system mounted in the rack and components installed, connect your appliance to the appropriate power sources, and power the unit on. For details, see the Power and Cabling procedure in Appliance Quick Start Guide.

Note.png Note: In general, the user is recommended to put SSDs in the initial slots followed by HDDs.


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