Technical Specifications

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The technical specifications for the appliance are summarized in the following sections:

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Power Cooling Module Specifications

The system has two 100-240V dual fan SBB-compliant power cooling modules located at the rear of the enclosure. This provides an n+1 redundant power configuration. If a PCM fails, the system continues to operate normally on the remaining PCM until the failed module is replaced.

The appliance unit uses a 764W PCM whereas the external storage uses a 580W PCM. The technical specifications associated with the PCMs are tabulated below:



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Power Consumption Statistics

The power consumption data for the various models of StorSimple appliance family is tabulated below:



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Disk Drives

The appliance supports up to 12 3.5" form factor SAS disk drives. The actual drives can be a mix of SSDs or HDDs. The 12 disk drive slots are located in a 3 X 4 configuration in front of the enclosure.

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Enclosure Weight

Depending upon the configuration, an appliance can weigh up to 32 kg. and needs two persons to handle it.


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Enclosure Dimensions

The dimensions of the enclosure are tabulated as below:


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Enclosure Environment

This section lists the specifications related to the enclosure environment. The temperature, humidity, altitude, shock and vibration are included in this category.

Temperature and Humidity



Airflow, Altitude, Shock, Vibration, Orientation, Safety, EMC


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