Power Cooling Module Indicator LEDs

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PCM indicator LEDs can be found on the back of the appliance or the EBOD enclosure on each PCM module. This page discusses the monitoring LEDs associated with the PCM module of the appliance and the EBOD enclosure in the following sections:

PCM LEDs for the Appliance

The appliance has a 764W PCM module with an additional battery. The LED panel for the appliance is as shown below:


764W PCM_LEDs_1.png


The status of the PCM is indicated on the LED panel. The appliance PCM LED panel has six LEDs, four of these display the status of the power supply and the fan. The remaining two LEDs indicate the status of the backup battery module in the PCM.

There are two tables that should be used in conjunction to determine the status of the PCM and are shown below.






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PCM LEDs for the EBOD enclosure

The EBOD enclosure has a 580W Power Cooling Module and no additional battery. The PCM panel for the EBOD enclosure has indicator LEDs only for the power supplies and the fan and is as shown below.




The status of the PCM can be ascertained from the table shown below.  




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