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Audible Alarms

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This page explains the audible alarms associated with the head unit and the EBOD enclosure. An audible alarm is located on the front panel (also known as Ops panel) of both the head unit and the EBOD enclosure. The audible alarm indicates when a fault condition is present. The following conditions will activate the alarm:

  • Fan Fault or Failure
  • Voltage Out of Range
  • Over or Under Temperature Condition
  • Thermal Overrun
  • System Fault
  • Logical Fault
  • Power Supply Fault
  • Removal of a Power Cooling Module

The following table describes the various alarm states:




  1. When in state S1, If mute is not pressed after 2 minutes, automatically transitions to state S2 or S3.
  2. Alarm states S1 to S4 return to S0 once the fault condition is cleared.
  3. Critical Fault state S4 can be entered from any other state.

The audible alarm can be muted by pressing the mute button on the ops panel. Automatic muting will take place after two minutes if the mute switch is not manually operated. When the alarm is muted it will continue to sound with short intermittent beeps to indicate that a problem still exists. It will be silenced when all the problems are cleared.

The following table describes the various alarm conditions:



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