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Part no. - 775-0005-0200-C

Document Attachment in pdf format - Rack Mount Guide

Thank you for purchasing a 5000/7000 series StorSimple appliance! This rack mount installation guide will walk you through the steps necessary to install your appliance in a standard 19” rack with front and rear posts.

The rack mount installation procedure consists of multiple steps. Each of these steps is discussed in the following sections.

Site Preparation

The appliance must be installed in a standard 19” rack that has both front and rear posts.  To prepare for rack installation, ensure that

  • the appliance is resting safely on a flat, stable, and level work surface (or similar).
  • the site where you intend to setup has standard AC power from an independent source or a rack Power Distribution Unit with a UPS.
  • you have two people available to handle the weight in case you are handling it manually. A fully configured enclosure can weigh up to 32 kgs.

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Installation Pre-requisites

The enclosure is designed for installation into a standard 19-inch rack cabinet with:

  • Minimum depth of 27.84 inches from rack post to post.
  • Maximum weight of up to 32 kg. for the appliance.
  • Maximum back pressure of 5 Pascal (0.5mm water gauge).

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Rack Mounting Rail Kit

A set of mounting rails will be provided to use with the 19-inch rack cabinet. The rails have been tested to handle the maximum enclosure weight. These rails will also allow installation of multiple enclosures without loss of space within the rack.

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Installation Procedure

Follow the steps below to safely install the appliance into the rack.

  • With the enclosure on the work surface, remove the left and right front flange caps by pulling the caps free. They simply snap onto the flanges.
  • Install the left and right rail slides to the sides of the enclosure chassis. They attach using six metric screws for each side. To help with orientation, the rail slides are marked “LH - Front” and  "RH - Front" and the end that is affixed towards the rear of the enclosure has a tapered end.




  • Install the left and right rail assemblies to the rack cabinet vertical members as follows. The brackets are marked “LH” , "RH" and “this side up” to guide the user through correct orientation.
    • Locate the rail pins at the front and rear of the rail assembly. Extend the rail to fit between the rack posts and insert the pins into the front and rear rack post vertical member holes. Be sure the rail assembly is level.
    • Secure the rail assembly to the rack vertical members using two of the (metric) screws provided. There will be one screw used on the front and one on the rear.




  • Repeat for the other side rail assembly.

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Mounting the Appliance in the Rack

Mount the appliance in the rack using the rack guides that were installed. 

  • Using an assistant, lift the enclosure and align it with the rack rails. 
  • Carefully insert the appliance into the rails and push the appliance completely into the rack cabinet.




  • Secure the enclosure into the rack by installing one Philips screw (provided) through each flange, left and right.
  • Install the flange caps by pressing them into position. They snap into place.



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Contacting Technical Support

Please contact technical support to create your account and to receive your credentials at:

This will allow you access to software upgrades and software packages including the StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer (SSDO), the StorSimple Data Recover Console (SDRC) for SharePoint and Exchange and the StorSimple Data Protection for managing Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots, and Cloud Clones.  

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

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