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Part no. - 760-0011-0001-C

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Thank you for purchasing a 5000/7000 series StorSimple appliance!  This packaging guide will provide with you clear, detailed instructions on how to pack your StorSimple appliance or an appliance hardware component.

Rarely, the appliance will need to be packaged so as to ship to StorSimple.  There can be instances when the appliance needs to be transported between data centers.  Additionally, in the event of a hardware component replacement, the defective component needs to be shipped back to StorSimple.  In each of these cases, the appliance or component needs to be packaged properly so as to avoid any damage during transportation.

The instructions for packaging the appliance or its component are discussed in the following sections. 

Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe damage to the appliance or hardware components.

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Packaging an appliance

For packaging the StorSimple appliance, you will need to follow these guidelines:

  • Before you begin, ensure that you have two people available to handle the weight in case you are handling it manually.  A fully configured appliance can weigh up to 32 kgs. (70 lbs.).
  • Use the original packaging box that the appliance was shipped in.  Inspect the box and the packaging foam for crushes, cuts, water damage or any other obvious damage. If the box and/or packaging are damaged or you do not have the original packaging box, please contact StorSimple support to ship you one.
  • The appliance should be packed in the following order:
  1. Lay the open box on a flat level surface.
  2. Seat the accessory tray in the box. This tray is available only with 7520 and will contain the additional SAS cables. 
  3. Insert the end piece of the bottom foam layer for the appliance.
  4. Repeat step 2. with the other foam end piece.
  5. Seat the appliance in the foam in its proper orientation.
  6. Insert the end piece of the top foam layer over the appliance.
  7. Repeat step 5. with the other foam end piece.                                                                          
  8. Finally, seat the accessory tray. This tray is available for all the StorSimple models. This tray contains rails, power cords and other accessories that the appliance was shipped with. See the figure below for guidance. 




Note.png Note: The accessory box is an integral part of product protection. Do not omit it.


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Packaging a hardware component

If a hardware component has failed or is defective, you need to contact StorSimple Support for a replacement. Upon the receipt of replacement, the original defective or failed component needs to be promptly returned to StorSimple. Save the packaging from the replacement component, pack the defective component in it and ship it back to StorSimple. This procedure should be followed for all the components including the batteries.

You may ship the defective component to:
StorSimple, Inc., 2350 Mission College Blvd., Suite 1250, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

If you do not have an account, please contact technical support to create one at:

This will allow you access to software upgrades and software packages including the StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer (SSDO), the StorSimple Data Recover Console (SDRC) for SharePoint and Exchange and the StorSimple Data Protection for managing Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones. 

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