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Identifying the Active Controller

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The StorSimple appliance family models 5010 and 7010 are highly-available storage devices with two controllers. At any point in time, one controller is 'active' and in operation, and the other controller is 'standby' and awaiting to take over should the 'active' controller encounter a problem. The initial configuration of the appliance must be performed from the 'active' controller.

Identifying the active controller requires use of terminal emulation software (such as HyperTerminal, PuTTY, or SecureCRT) and the serial cable supplied with the appliance. Connect the serial cable to the serial console connector as highlighted earlier in the document, and connect the serial cable to your laptop. You may need to use an adapter to connect your serial cable to your laptop, such as a USB to serial adapter.

With the cable connected, open your terminal emulation software, and set it to the following settings:

  • COM port - use the COM port assigned to the device by your operating system
  • 115200 baud, 8 data bits, no parity bit, 1 stop bit
  • No flow control
  • No compression
  • No error correction

With the terminal emulation software open and the cable connected, press ENTER a few times. If the controller is still booting, you may see boot messages. Eventually, you will see a prompt that will indicate if the controller is the 'standby' controller. Similarly, if the controller is active, it will indicate that it is an 'active' controller.

Below is an example of the standby controller:



Below is an example of the active controller:



If you see the standby controller indicator, connect the serial console to the serial port on the other controller. Then verify that you are connected to the active controller.


 Note: The initial configuration of the appliance must be performed from the active controller. Initial configuration cannot be performed from the standby controller. Do not continue until you have identified the active controller.

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