Rack Mount Installation Procedure

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The rackmount installation procedure consists of multiple steps. Each of these steps is discussed in the following sections.


The appliance must be installed in a standard 19” rack that has both front and rear posts.  To prepare for rack installation, ensure that the appliance is resting safely on a flat, stable, and level work surface (or similar).

Follow the steps below to safely install the appliance into the rack.

Left and Right Chasis Slides and Latches

Attach the left and right chassis slides to the appliance using a total of 10 M3x4 button-head screws.  Five screws will go on each side.  The front portion of the chassis (the side with the disk drives) has two notches, one on each side, that insert into holes on the front of the side panel.


Use the chassis latch screws to secure the left and right chassis latches, ensuring that the latches are oriented as shown below. 





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Rack Bracket Assembly

Attach both of the universal rack brackets to the rack.  Locate the guide pin at the rear of each bracket and insert that pin into a post hole in the rear rack.  Attach each bracket to the rear rack post using the washers and screws supplied.  Do not tighten the screws at this time.


Extend the rail of each bracket to fit between the front and back rail posts.  Attach each bracket to the front rack post using the washers and screws supplied.  Do not tighten the screws at this time.


Tighten the two clamping screws located along the inside of the rear section of each rack bracket. 



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Mounting the Appliance in the Rack

Mount the appliance in the rack using the rack guides that were installed.  Using an assistant, lift the appliance and align it with the rack rails.  Carefully insert the appliance into the rails and push the appliance completely into the rack cabinet.


Tighten the rear bracket screws that were previously left loose.  Withdraw the appliance until it reaches the hard stops (approximately half way out of the rack), and tighten the front bracket screws that were previously left loose. 


Push the appliance back into the rack cabinet completely, and attach it to the front of the rack using the captive fasteners on the front flanges, located just outside of the handles.  Reinstall the disk drives and power supplies if the appliance was installed into the rack without them.

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