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What's New in StorSimple OS v2.0

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With the introduction of OS v2.0 for its award-winning appliance family, StorSimple is raising the bar on the value of enterprise cloud storage by enabling broader operating system support, broader application support, enterprise manageability and features, and improved data recovery granularity.


Feature Benefit
Higher Local Capacity

New appliance models with higher capacity controllers, NVRAM and increased local storage capacity with Enterprise SSD and HDDs.



Performance Enhancements Higher capacity controllers with NVRAM support, along with software optimizations offer enterprise-level read/write performance and an order of magnitude increase over previous versions
Cloud Integration  
Time-of-Day Network QoS (Quality of Service) Allows flexible scheduling of WAN bandwidth allocation according to day of the week and time of day combination allowing for better utilization of WAN bandwidth during off peak hours.  Different QoS schedules are permitted for different cloud accounts
Additional Cloud Providers Support for additional cloud storage providers including Rackspace, IIJ, Nifty, Google and HP (Beta) has been introduced.  In addition, native support for selection of Amazon regions and use of Amazon’s Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) has also been introduced
Improved Cloud Flexibility and Availability Allows configurations where different cloud providers or different regions of the same cloud provider are used for primary versus backup data
Enterprise Manageability  
Workload-Optimized Storage Offers Enterprise IT the benefits of differentiated service control with workload-optimized storage handling, with the simplicity simple usage intent selection. Achieve best performance/cost balance for workloads such as file services, SharePoint services, Exchange DAG and Virtual Machine data stores
Automatic Volume Checkpoints Simplifies data protection of volume data by automatically creating cloud-based volume checkpoints (daily Cloud Snapshots) of the volume data.  This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled at any time
Active Directory (AD) Authentication Allows web GUI users to log in using their existing AD credentials permitting simplified and centralized management of access credentials. The StorSimple appliance authenticates the users against the configured Active Directory
Alert Infrastructure Alerts for common issues including cloud connectivity, capacity consumption, hardware state changes, and software upgrades in order to proactively notify the administrator of existing or possibly upcoming issues
Improved Reporting Granularity Improved reporting granularity for capacity-centric charts for both local storage as well as cloud storage whereby the metrics can be measured with a seconds granularity
Monitoring Backup/Restore Operations More visibility into backup and restore operations including throughput, data processed and time estimates facilitating more accurate tracking of the progress and completion time
SNMP Support Support for SNMP v1 and v2c with MIB-II allowing the StorSimple appliance to be  monitored using network monitoring tools such as PRTG, Cacti, OpenView, SolarWinds
HTTP Proxy Support Full HTTP proxy support is available for environments with web security allowing the StorSimple appliance to be configured on networks that use a proxy server
Non-Disruptive Upgrades Upgrade appliances to latest software version without any downtime or service disruption
Embedded Training Videos Online help and an embedded training video for each StorSimple feature


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