DPC Patch Release Notes v2.0.1 (2.0.2-70)

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Part no. - SS-DPC-Patch-2.0.1 (2.0.2-70)

Document attachment - SSDPC v2.0.1 (2.0.2-70) Release Notes

Thank you for purchasing StorSimple’s Data Protection Console Software. This document provides release notes identifying open issues in software version 2.0.1 (2.0.2-70) for this product. This document is broken into following sections:

Release Notes for Version 2.0.1 (2.0.2-70)

The following are the release notes for version 2.0.1 (2.0.2-70) for the StorSimple Data Protection Console Software. The issues marked with asterisk in ID were those reported from this version only. The remaining issues have carried over from previous releases.


ID Summary Comments and/or Workarounds
CSC-3355* Concurrent backup creation of volume groups which contain multiple Cluster Shared Volumes may result in the Windows StorSimple Management service stopping abruptly and then restarting. This issue is specific to VSS backups created using the StorSimple Data Protection Console (web UI backups are not affected). To avoid this issue, it is recommended that backup creation for affected volume groups be staggered by at least three minutes for both scheduled policy backups and interactive backups.
CSC-2993 Clone or Restore of volumes using SSDP console and Hyper-V VSS Writer may fail with "The operation timed out while attempting to surface the volume '<volume name>' error. Please consult the documentation for possible causes (BackupException)". The problem is transient as per the Microsoft documentation. The operation needs to be retried and it should succeed.
CSC-2992 Backup jobs initiated from SSDP using Hyper-V VSS Writer may fail with "The VSS operation 'DoSnapshotSet' failed with the following error code: HoldWritesTimeout. (COMException)". The issue is seen when the VMs are loaded heavily and the system is unable to hold I/O writes. This can be a transient problem. As per the Microsoft documentation, the user should retry the operation after ten minutes.
CSC-2961 A restore operation of a volume into a NTFS folder fails.

The backup restore operation fails if it does not find the NTFS folders during restore. As a work-around, when NTFS folders are part of the imported backups they should be create before attempting the restore operation. This issue will be addressed in the future releases.

CSC-2214 The creation of a Snapshot/Cloud Snapshot/Cloud Clone through DPC fails with the error "An unexpected shadow copy ID was found in the BCD". This issue occurs when a snapshot operation in progress is canceled/aborted and another operation is started subsequently. As per the Microsoft MSDN documentation, upon deleting or canceling a snapshot operation, the VSS subsystem can deliver the creation and cancellation events out of order and cause the issue reported in the DPC.
CSC-1573 The StorSimple Data Protection installation's Disk Cost utility does not provide accurate information. The Disk Cost utility does not always provide accurate information regarding space needed for installation versus what is available. As a work around, please refer to the Windows Explorer to determine if the required space needed for installation is available.
CSC-1424 Installation of MMC requires the .NET 3.5 feature. When installing onto Windows 2008 R2, the .NET 3.5 Framework cannot be automatically installed. It must be added manually through the Server Manager/Features application.
CSC-970 The installation does not indicate absence of internet connection when attempting to download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework. The installation will automatically attempt to install the Microsoft .Net Framework if it is not already present on the system. Please ensure that the system has internet connectivity before starting the installation.
CSC-789 Steps to remove stale entries, if MMC is uninstalled and a new version is installed.

The steps to cleanup stale entries during MMC re-install are:

  • Uninstall the old build
  • Backup contents inside "C:\ProgramData\StorSimple" for Disaster Recovery as needed.  Then clean up the "C:\ProgramData\StorSimple" folder contents
  • Install the new build

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple Data Protection Console Software, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

Please contact StorSimple technical support to create your support account to allow access to product documentation and other resources including software images, technical reports, release notes, and other collateral using StorSimple’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server at:

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