Appliance Patch Release Notes v.1.2.1 - 164

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Thank you for purchasing a StorSimple Appliance. This document (SS-Patch-1.2.1-164) addresses the issues resolved in the patch release for software versions 1.2.1 – 164. This document should be used as an addendum to the release notes provided with software version 1.2.1 for your StorSimple Appliance. The document is broken down into following sections:

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Issues Resolved in Version 1.2.1-164

The following issues have been addressed in version 1.2.1-164.





HyperV VSS writer based snapshot timeout failures


Controller failover during a heavy load on active controller can cause standby controller to reboot


Web UI timeouts with 500 error code when creating a volume


Appliance must retry DNS query after certain errors


Successful cancelling of backup jobs taking a long time to cancel

CSC-2519, CSC-2495

Cleanup of canceled/failed Cloud Snapshot and Cloud Clone associated metadata

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Release Notes for version 1.2.1-164




Comments and/or Workarounds


Configuration backup file contains partial information for policies scheduled on a monthly basis.

After import of configuration on a new appliance, edit the schedule under Configure > Data Protection > Policies to correct or add the necessary information


Clone or Restore of volumes using SSDP console and HyperV VSS Writer may fail with "The operation timed out while attempting to surface the volume '<volume name>' error.  Please consult the documentation for possible causes (BackupException)”.

The problem is transient as per the Microsoft documentation. The operation needs to be retried and it should succeed


Backup jobs initiated from SSDP using HyperV VSS Writer may fail with "The VSS operation 'DoSnapshotSet' failed with the following error code: HoldWritesTimeout. (COMException)".

The issue is seen when the VMs are loaded heavily and the system is unable to hold I/O writes. This can be a transient problem. As per the Microsoft documentation, the user should retry the operation after ten minutes.

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple Storage Appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

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Accessing Product Documentation

Please contact StorSimple technical support to create your support account, which will allow you access to product documentation and other resources including software images, technical reports, release notes, and other collateral using StorSimple’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server at:

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