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Thank you for purchasing StorSimple's Storage Appliance.  This document provides release notes identifying open issues with the software version installed on your StorSimple Appliance.

New Features Introduced in Version 1.1.1 RC1

The following are the new features that have been included in version 1.1.1 RC1.

Feature Name


Platforms and HA

StorSimple 5010, 7010 appliances

·         2U, data center class system with no single point of failure

·         Redundant, hot-swap components, integrated component health

Cloud Enhancements

·         Support for Zetta as a cloud storage provider

·         Per-cloud QoS rate limiting

Data Protection

Cloud Snap - consistent, point-in-time copy for volume recovery during device replacement cases for secondary storage applications, stored in primary bucket in cloud

Manageability and Monitoring

New charts added to the management GUI

·         I/O Latency - host-side and cloud-side to determine read/write and other latencies, and number of outstanding cloud IOs

·         CPU Utilization

·         Network Throughput (filterable by interface)

·         Appliance capacity consumption - visualize the capacity consumed on the internal tiers of the appliance

For fault management, platform monitoring support added in the management GUI for 5010/7010

·         Drives

·         Power supplies

·         Controllers

Application Qualification

StorSimple has been tested to be interoperable with leading backup and data protection applications

·         AvePoint DocAve Backup and Recovery

·         CommVault Simpana

·         Symantec/Veritas BackupExec

·         Veeam

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Issues Resolved in Version 1.1.1 RC1

The following are the issues that have been addressed in version 1.1.1 RC1.



Comments and/or Workarounds


CSA_STATUS_AGAIN message encountered when deleting a volume.

Wait five minutes and attempt to delete the volume again. If the error does not persist, it can be ignored. If the error continues, please contact StorSimple technical support.


Invalid Hostname' error shown while validating cloud account, when the credentials are invalid but the hostname is valid.

This is a cosmetic error, which should say 'Invalid Credentials'. Be sure to check all cloud configuration parameters when any error is encountered.


Host I/Os are being throttled while Cloud Clone operations are in progress.

Schedule Cloud Clone operations during times of lower I/O activity.


iSCSI connection not disconnected properly when volume access group changed to remove the initiator.

On the server, under the Disk Management snap-in, "offline" the volume, then attempt to disconnect the target using the initiator.


The StorSimple appliance may reboot under heavy cloud/network congestion.

Response times to the host I/Os may become very slow when a lot of traffic is pushed into the system and the response time from the cloud provider becomes extremely slow. In rare conditions, this may result in a reboot of the appliance. The appliance will restart without any operator intervention and the Microsoft iSCSI initiator will re-establish the connection soon afterwards. Once the network congestion or delayed responses from cloud provider disappear, the latency in the I/Os will return to normal levels.


The drive may go offline when the connectivity to the cloud is not working properly.

This situation happens very rarely, under heavy load conditions and specifically when connectivity to the cloud is not working normally. Please disconnect the session from the iSCSI initiator and reconnect.


The dedup effectiveness ratio changes significantly over time.

The StorSimple software updates in the background the dedup ratio to match the data effectively stored inside the appliance and in the cloud. The code is now computing these statistics more efficiently and they are displayed only when they become more accurate. In a large configuration with several TB of storage configured this may take several hours after a boot.

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Release Notes for Version 1.1.1 RC1

The following are the release notes for version 1.1.1 RC1 for the StorSimple Storage Appliance.




Comments and/or Workarounds

Affected Model(s)


Microsoft iSCSI initiator doesn't support LUN ID 255.

Use a LUN ID of 0 to 254.

1010, 5010, 7010


The controller failover may exceed the application timeout.

Under certain failure scenarios, the failover to the standby controller may take longer than the application SCSI timeout. This is a sporadic event. Once the failover has occurred, normally the application will automatically re-establish the connection and continue operations. If that doesn't happen automatically, restart the application or the connection manually.

5010, 7010


Multiple failovers performed under heavy load may result in loss of iSCSI connection between the host and the appliance.

Under heavy i/o, if there are failovers performed there is possibility of active controller reboot. This may result in loss of iSCSI connection between initiator and target. In order to restore the proper connectivity, reboot the appliance.

5010, 7010


Under stress testing of the system failover, the host may lose access to the appliance volumes.

When performing stress testing of the system failover, inducing continuous failures (artificially), a Windows host may lose access to the volumes. StorSimple is actively working with Microsoft to analyze the issue which may be a problem on the host side. In order to restore the volume access, please force an iSCSI rediscovery of the target or power cycle the host.

5010, 7010


An SSD disk may become faulty and come online and offline in a loop.

Due to a known defect in the SSD firmware, the disk may appear as faulty and start looping between and online and offline state. StorSimple is actively working with the SSD manufacturer to address the firmware issue. In order to resolve the problem, unplug and plug back into the system the misbehaving SSD.

5010, 7010


A controller that has crashed or is rebooting may not come back online.

There is a known issue in the underlying platform that may lead to this situation very sporadically. StorSimple is actively working with its hardware manufacturer to resolve the problem and deliver a solution in the future releases. In order to bring the controller back online, it should be removed and inserted back into the chassis.

5010, 7010

CSC-1396, CSC-1524

A standby controller failure may lead to some disks (SSDs and/or HDDs) appearing as faulty.

Under rare circumstances, a driver issue may lead to one or more disks appearing as faulty and offline while the standby controller is rebooted or it has failed. In order to bring the system to a completely functional state, restart the active controller or power cycle the entire chassis.

5010, 7010


While forcing multiple controller failovers in the system, one disk may be excluded from the active set.

Under stress testing of the controller failover, sporadically one of the disks may be evicted from the active set. This situation doesn't cause the system to stop operations but it puts it in a degraded state. The system should automatically recover from this situation and allow the disk to rejoin the array after a proper resync, therefore removing the degraded state.

5010, 7010


In the Hardware Page, the "Enclosure Electronics Power" state of a controller is reported as "NOT AVAILABLE".

This is a known issue in the underlying platform that will be fixed in the upcoming releases. There is no negative side effect on the system behavior.

5010, 7010


In the Hardware Page, when the standby controller has been shut down or pulled out a different state is reported.

This is a known issue in the underlying platform code that will be fixed in a future release. There are no negative side effects on the system behavior.

5010, 7010


In the Hardware Page, the CPU and DIMM temperature sensors are reported as NOT PRESENT or FAILED.

This is an issue in the underlying platform firmware. In case the status appears as FAILED, this would automatically trigger an alert in the system. In order to clear such alert, please reboot or remove and reinstall the controller until the status appears again as NOT PRESENT.

5010, 7010


Enabling or disabling any of the DATA ports causes a temporary loss of connection on all the ports.

This issue will be resolved in future releases. All the DATA ports should be configured during the initial installation to avoid this problem.

1010, 5010, 7010


In some rare circumstance, the appliance interfaces may not be usable.

While performing platform discovery, it has been seen in rare occasions that the MGMT and DATA interfaces are not detected properly during the power up sequence. Under such scenarios the Web UI and the iSCSI ports are not reachable. To restore the proper functionality in the appliance, reboot the box.

5010, 7010


Enabling a DATA port not plugged in may cause connectivity issues.

Please verify the connectivity of the DATA ports either through visual inspection of the box or using the Diagnostics page. Ensure that only the ports connected and functioning properly are enabled in the UI. In order to prevent cloud access issues, once the network ports have been reconfigured reapply the Time Setting and verify the Cloud Account again.

1010, 5010, 7010


The Web UI may not be accessible when the system encounters an error

If the Web UI becomes unresponsive and an attempt to login form a different browser window seems to hang for more than 30 seconds, please reboot the system to restore it to a working state.

1010, 5010, 7010


The "Software Upgrade" page hangs after Upgrade, making the Web UI not accessible. This may also occur when pressing the "Restart Active Controller" or "Restart Appliance" buttons.

This issue occurs very infrequently, it has been observed a few times during an upgrade of the 1010 series, though it may occur on other systems too. The work-around is to reboot the appliance, or failover to the standby controller on the 5010 and 7010 models.

1010, 5010, 7010

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple StorSimple Storage Appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

Please contact StorSimple technical support to create your support account, which will allow you access to product documentation and other resources including software images, technical reports, release notes, and other collateral using StorSimple’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server at:

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